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Psychological Evaluation

Through the use of a variety of standard psychological tests, we will attempt to answer the questions that have brought you to us for this evaluation. These questions generally concern learning disabilities, academic functioning, personality functioning, or coping styles. Throughout the assessment process you have the right to inquire about the nature or purpose of all procedures. You also have the right to know the test results, interpretations, and recommendations.

The assessment process generally involves an informational interview followed by the administration of one or more educational and/or psychological tests. Although it is sometimes possible to complete the testing procedure in two sittings of two-hours in duration, it is common for people to be asked to return for another session to finish the assessment battery or to administer a test that is recommended in light of the initial findings. Once testing is completed, the data will be analyzed and a report will be written. You will then have the opportunity to meet with your clinician to discuss the results and receive a copy of the report. Our general turnaround time for completed reports is about 4-6 weeks.

Types of Evaluations

Full Psycho-Educational Evaluation. The purpose of this evaluation is to provide an in-depth study of the cognitive processes and personality functioning of an individual. This evaluation can also be used to diagnose learning, behavioral, and psychiatric disorders.

Learning, Attention, or Personality Screening. The purpose of this evaluation is to provide a brief assessment of cognitive, academic, or personality functioning that may be contributing to academic or behavioral problems. The results will indicate whether a more in-depth study is necessary and are often used for occupational screening.

 Diagnostic Evaluation. The purpose of this evaluation is to diagnose behavioral or emotional disorders such as ADHD in order to qualify for additional assessment and/or additional psychological or educational services.

Parenting Assessment / Custody Evaluation. The purpose of this evaluation is to make a recommendation in child custody disputes by determining the relative strengths and potential liabilities of each parent through psycho-educational evaluation, parenting assessments and collateral interviews.  

If you are considering using the results of an evaluation for legal purposes, please consult with an attorney regarding what is actually required in your case.

Lark’s Nest Family Counseling is a training facility. Our students are under the supervision of our program faculty who are licensed educators, psychotherapists and/or psychologists with expertise in psychological, educational, behavioral and cognitive assessment. In order to ensure the best possible service, your clinician will be discussing testing results with her/his supervisor(s) and/or clinical colleagues who will maintain your confidentiality.  In addition, your clinician may present the results in class or in clinical supervision; patient confidentiality is maintained in case presentation by means of redacting all identifiable patient information.

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