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Senior Citizen Couple
Senior Citizen Couple

Supervised Visitation

Supervised Visitation is designed to assure that a child can have safe contact with a non-residential parent without having to be put in the middle of the parents' conflicts or other problems. The child's needs are paramount in making any decisions regarding supervised visitation.

However, there are also some significant benefits to parents. It is our hope that no one will look upon supervised visitation as a negative or stigmatized service. It is a tool that can help families as they go through difficult and/or transitional times. Some of the benefits for the various family members are as follows:

For The Children:
Supervised visits allow the children to maintain a relationship with both of their parents. They can anticipate the visits without the stress of worrying about what is going to happen, and enjoy their time in a safe, comfortable environment without being put in the middle of their parents' conflict and/or other problems.

For the Parents or Guardians with whom the child resides:
The children's primary guardian can feel comfortable allowing their children to have contact with their non-residential parent. They can feel confident about the child's safety without having to communicate or have contact with a person with whom they are in conflict or by whom they might be frightened or intimidated.

For the Non-Residential Parent or relative:
They can be sure that their contact with the children does not have to be interrupted regardless of any personal or interpersonal problems they may be having or conflicts with the children's caretaker(s). If allegations have been made against them, they can visit without fear of any new accusations because there is someone present who can verify what happened during their time together.

Our environments for supervised visitation, The Family House locations in New Mexico and in Illinois are unique in establishing a relaxed, non-clinical setting for family visits.  The facility can be used for long, interactive visits, including those involving meal preparation and meal sharing.  The facility can also be used for family reunification and/or supervised overnight visits and for a non-residential parent to stay overnight and have successive daily visits with their child(ren).

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