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Senior Citizen Couple
Senior Citizen Couple

Therapeutic Services

We provide counseling for individuals at a variety of life stages who are interested in exploring their inner lives, addressing challenges such as trauma, substance abuse, or depression, expanding their interpersonal relationships, improving their social interactions, and making decisions about life, work, and family. Our therapists use a variety of psychotherapy modalities, including acceptance and commitment therapy, emotionally-focused therapy, internal family systems, and schema therapy.

In couples therapy, we focus on the ways in which past experiences, unique perspectives, and patterns of interaction can contribute to the health of a relationship.  By improving communication, strengthening attachment, and building intimacy, our goal is to renew and enrich a relationship.  However, when preservation is not a shared goal, we support the couple in separating, divorcing, co-parenting, and moving on with their individual lives in a way that preserves the integrity of each individual and safeguards their children. 

We specialize in working directly with children and adolescents who have experienced abuse, trauma, or family transition and are currently demonstrating a variety of academic, emotional, developmental, and behavioral concerns or have been diagnosed with one of the "disorders" of childhood (such as attention deficit disorder, reactive attachment disorder, oppositional/defiant disorder or conduct disorder).  Our goal is to support parents in raising children and adolescents in a way that is positive, secure, and structured.

Our strengths-based approach--which is based on the principles of Theraplay and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy--involves children and parent/s in meaningful, playful interaction while fostering clear boundaries, emotional regulation, and appropriate, shared expectations for child/adolescent behavior.  For many families, we are asked to interact with schools, social agencies, and the juvenile justice system on behalf of the child or adolescent.

By developing concepts of health, well being and attachment in relationship, we assist with family formation (through birth, assisted fertility, adoption, fostering, and surrogacy) and also work with families in transition (by developing co-parenting plans, conducting custody evaluations, and supervising visitation). We offer therapeutic supervised visitation, in our offices, in our new "Family House" location, and at your home.  We also offer family mediation and co-parenting facilitation services.  Finally, for a vareity of service and on consent of the client, we also offer canine-assisted and equine-assisted therapy.

For all services, we begin with a diagnostic clinical assessment of individual functioning, couple dynamics, child-parent interactions, and/or family relationships.  We offer complete psycho-educational evaluations for school-aged children and adolescents, as well as psychological evaluations/personality assessments for use in forensic settings.


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